WebLogic 12c Server Book – Distinctive Recipes (Architecture, Administration and Development) 2nd Edition

The significantly improved and expanded second edition is based on WebLogic 12.1.2 and contains more than 130 additional pages, half a dozen new webcasts and more than 16 new or rewritten recipes. Published May 1st 2014. Oracle WebLogic Server 12c – Distinctive Recipes release date was January 9, 2013. There are over 40 webcasts available for free so make sure to subscribe to receive all updates.

About WebLogic Server 12c – Distinctive Recipes

WebLogic Distinctive Recipes Book (2nd Edition 2014)Imagine you need to know about a problem with your car’s engine. You could plough through the 1000-page manual. Or you could chat to the mechanic over a cup of coffee. That’s WebLogic 12c Distinctive Recipes. It’s WebLogic for software architects, administrators and developers. For people like you who know quite a bit about WebLogic, want to know more, but don’t want the typical ‘recipe book’ full of screenshots. What you really want are the things you won’t find in the manual, like recommendations, discussions, best practices, deployable projects, webcast videos and directions on when to use a feature – and when not to. With all this and more, this book is the perfect complement to official courses and manuals. In short, this gem of a book is almost as good as attending one of Frank’s renowned workshops.


This new book is an anthology of best practice in administrating WebLogic, large-scale deployments,  performance-tuning biggest mistakes and tools, the merged JVM, using JMX with your own applications, stuck threads, JDBC myths, effectively detecting memory leaks, Java EE examples (deployments and NetBeans projects), Oracle Fusion Middleware (Service Bus, SOA Suite etc.) and WebLogic in the Cloud without the hype.


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  • This book comes with an opinion and directions. It’s putting features into a real-world context. You may disagree. Let me know!
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Where to buy

Amazon has heaps of  Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Distinctive Recipes books. All the other distribution channels will follow shortly.


Links used in WebLogic 12c Distinctive Recipes.


A complete list of webcasts will provided in a few days. Some of them are publicly available already: http://www.youtube.com/weblogicbook

Recipes in Edition 1:

A la Carte – Why WebLogic 12c? – JDK / JVM – Oracle JDK 7 – Installation – Domains and Directories – Sizing and Defining Domains – Users and Groups – Start Scripts – Startup Mode: Development or Production? – WebLogic Features in Different Versions – JMX – Why it matters – WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) – JMX Shell j4psh – JConsole – WebLogic 12c RESTful Management – RESTful Management with Jolokia – RESTful URLs for Jolokia Grab Bag – Configuration Management – boot.properties and SerializedSystemIni.dat – Encrypting and Hacking Passwords – Connection Filter and Logging – Stuck Threads – Deployment – Redeployment Loop Testing – Node Manager Basics – Node Manager Best Practices – JDBC Pinned to Thread – JDBC or File Persistent Stores – JMS Distributed Destinations – JMS Quotas Increase Performance – Enable Distributed Transactions – Emulated 2-PC? Logging Last Resource! – Load Balancing and Web Servers – Content Distribution Networks – Open Source HAProxy Load Balancer – WebLogic Cluster – Service and Whole-Server Migration – JTA Service – Overload Protection – Install and Configure NetBeans – Simple JMX: MBeans with Spring – MXBeans with Java EE – Simple Web Service – Stateless Session Bean in Two Minutes – EJB Timer – Performance Tuning: Basics & Worst Mistakes – DaCapo Benchmark from the Beginning – Detecting High-CPU Java Threads – What is listening? lsof – Memory Leaks Basics – Track Down a Memory Leak – Grinder Load / Performance Tool – BadBoy – Apache JMeter – Precompile, How it is Really Done – Service Oriented Architecture – Oracle Fusion Middleware – Oracle Service Bus – Oracle SOA Suite – Oracle Service Repository – Oracle Service Registry – Oracle VM VirtualBox – Cloud Essentials – Amazon Web Services Cloud – Oracle Java Cloud Service –


I am currently compiling an errata – please stay tuned.