Amazon Simple Queue Service vs. WebLogic JMS Queues

I spent my late afternoon coffee break to compare Oracle WebLogic Server JMS queues with the Amazon AWS SQS service. Here are some preliminary results. Any comments are welcome!

SQS Queues WebLogic JMS Queues
Max queue size Unlimited Configure JVM Heap, JMS MessageBufferSize, JMS persistent store
Best Quality of Service At least once Exactly-once
with transactions
Configurable retries No Yes
Persistence Always Optional
Scalability Inherent Non-persistent messages, distributed queues
Availability Inherent Whole server migration

or JMS service migration

Message Order Not guaranteed Can be enforced even for distributed queues
Configurable quotas No Yes
Configurable flow control No Yes
Configurable Time to Live Yes Yes
Auto acknowledge No Yes
Time to live 1h to 14d 1 ms to ca. 2 Mio years
Max message size 64 KB Unlimited,
default 10,000,000 byte
Compression No Yes
Billing Free usage tier, then per request and data transfer. Included with WLS

Update: I published a longer article which is based on my Middleware and Cloud Computing book.

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