New and Cool Features in WebLogic 10.3.3 / latest WLS 11g

NEW: For more details please take a look at the Oracle Fusion Middleware chapter in my book Middleware and Cloud Computing.

Some interesting features I personally like in WLS 10.3.3.

  1. The MBean attribute PlatformMBeanServerUsed default is true now. So you can see your WLS MBeans from a local JConsole (for WLS11g = WLS10.3.1 you had to enable this first)
  2. A new dashboard replaces the WLDF console extension. Good news:, there is no installation required. You can access it with admin:port/console/dashboard.
  3. The request performance for WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) TraceElapsedTimeAction is displayed directly in the admin web console under Diagnostics / RequestPerformance
  4. A new TraceMemoryAllocationAction shows memory allocated during a method similar to TraceElapsedTimeAction. You have to enable WLDF with instrumentation for this deployment first.
  5. The beloved Pointbase that was bundled with WebLogic is gone. This was one of my predictions for 2010 (Oracle made it in time).  Change your demos to use the Java DB Derby instead. I have updated my WebLogic 11g training course already.

For all changes see the what-is-new-in-WLS10.3.3.

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