Web Service Development with NetBeans and Testing with WebLogic Admin Console

Developing of SOAP based web services for WebLogic 12c (or any other application server) with NetBeans is a breeze. You can do it without using any templates or IDE wizards, no XML is required, no modification of deployment descriptors.

The following screencast shows how to develop the most simple web service pobbislbe, how to test it entirely with WebLogic admin console, and how modifying the web service will work without redeployment.


  1. Hi,

    Just bought the book and i am glad i did it.

    Nice format, very well explained.

    I have two questions: there are updates of the book ? if yes where are they published or it will be a new book ?

    Second one is related to WS ,reason i am on this page 🙂

    How do you recommend to use webservice clients in weblogic….so if my app deployed on weblogic is using some webservices client to get data .

    I know metro ws clients (ports) are not thread safe so i have seen solutions based on pool of ports or thread local based solutions…

    What is your recommendation ?



    • Hi Cris,

      yes, there are upcoming editions of the book planned!
      (unlike most other books in this area which just age an and become irrelevant).
      Also I am still trying to offer everybody who is writing a short review on Amazon.com a discount code for the next edition.

      Regarding JAX-WS, yes according to the spec you cannot use them in multiple threads. Myself, I am rather pragmatic, so depending on the requirements I’d go for thread local first. But then, maybe you should better ask people spending more percentage of their time coding about this.

      thanks for your feedback!

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