WebLogic 12.1.2 Node Manager Bug

Update: Bug fixed in WebLogic 12.1.3:

the bug described below seems to be fixed in WebLogic 12.1.3.  Node manager is now checking the state of the servers and correcting it if wrong.

node manager bug fixed

As usual, please feel free to provide your own experience in the comment section.

WebLogic 12.1.2 Node Manager Bug

While working with WebLogic 12.1.2 I discovered the following bug. Not sure though if the same would happen with 10.3.X.

Try the following:

– Create a domain with one managed server

– Configure a machine, then start the per domain node manager. Using the admin console start the managed server. All working lovely so far.

– It’s lunch time. Stop node manager. Then stop the managed server using the admin console. This shouldn’t be a big deal.

– After lunch: start admin server and node manager. Node manager reports managed server is running (which is not correct!).

– Try to start managed server and it will report an error message that it is in incompatible state. 🙁


Reproduce it!

Check the video below to reproduce it (just a quick recording, not a nice one):


1.) Interesting enough the server.PID file is removed when the managed server is shut down. However when restarting the node manager the managed server it is detected as running.

2.) With the node manager stopped, when forcing the managed server to shut down via admin console, ms1.state file shows FORCE_SHUTTING_DOWN, whereas when forcing the managed server to shut down (same button) with node manager running, the state is SHUTDOWN.


As you could guess, I wanted to spend my morning with sth else.
Comments welcome! Lunchtime for me now.



  1. Thanks for posting Frank. Seems like a bug with only 12.X release. I usually play with my development weblogic 10/11 environments on my laptops and never experienced such strange behavior.

  2. Have you figured out a work around for this issue? I have the same issue and now basically can only start the managed server via the command line (not using the admin server). Thanks.


    • Hi Grant,

      if I remember right, I shut down the servers, then removed all .state files. I cannot test it at the moment, so please report back if this is working for you.

      May I ask what operating system you are using?

      thanks for your comment!


      • Hi all,

        I had the same issue, and deleting the “managed_server.state” file under “servers/managed_server/data/nodemanager/” helped.


      • thanks Sven,

        see my comment above, it’s an annoying bug.



      • Alejandra G. says


        It worked wonders! Stop everything, delete .state from your managed server folder and start everything (go to console to start your managed sever as it is SHUTDOWN).

        We ran into trouble starting the server in web console, in took too long. We forced shutdown again with the web console. The server became Failed, again Start and finally got RUNNING.



      • Ale,

        thanks for your feedback!
        IMHO it is the most annoying issue with WLS 12.1.2 right now. Easy to repair but still a pain e.g. for a demo at a conference e.g.



      • jejeje Alejandra,

        honestly, when you wrote this I wasn’t really sure about “starting the server in web console took to long”.
        Now I experienced it myself (I was tempted to blame my glitzy new MacBook first).

        thanks *again* for sharing!


  3. borrar el xxxx.state permitio RUNNING.


  4. The WebLogic node manager bug seems to be fixed in WLS 12.1.3 – I changed the posting accordingly.

  5. Mohab.Elsayed says

    Thanks for sharing this!
    I’ve noticed that enabling crash recovery in nodemanager (by setting CrashRecoveryEnabled to true in nodemanager.properties) could help a bit in that situation. I noticed that by implementing crash recovery, nodemanager would attempt to automatically restart the server, instead of claiming that the server is running (which is not true of course)..

  6. This fixed it for me:

    by setting CrashRecoveryEnabled to true in nodemanager.properties

  7. Hi,

    Before i was running startmanaged weblogic through command prompt. I have used NSSM and installed one batch as service which contains list of managed services. when i start this batch as services all managed services are running i have checked in logs but in weblogic console it is remaining in SHUTDOWN state.

    Please provide a resolution for this.



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