WebLogic 12.1.2: RESTful Management Services Bug in AJAX Client

Seems to me like the AJAX frontend for the RESTful Management Service in WebLogic 12.1.2 is a zombie now. I tested on CentOS and MacOS with Chrome and Safari. The initial page shows up, but after submitting the request there is no sign of life, no result displayed.

The AJAX frontend used to work fine in WebLogic 12.1.1, for 12.1.2 there is no response returned. A pity since I always liked to demo it! You can read about it in a blog posting from W. Oliveira.



Anyway, submitting the URLs directly is still working fine, i.e. it’s a bug with the AJAX frontend and not the RESTful service itself.


Also if you want to read more, a WebLogic RESTful Management service vs. open source Jolokia discussion (based on older postings here and here) can be found in my WebLogic book.

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