OTN Tour APAC Australia Sydney / Gold Coast: From on Premise to JCS and OCCS

The part of the OTN Tour 2016 in Australia was a personal highlight for me. This is where I wrote the biggest part of my cloud computing book and started a small subsidiary for my company.

Both OTN events weren’t massive but very well organized. Interested audience, lots of feedback and questions. Thanks to everybody who attended. I presented about WebLogic with Java Cloud Service (JCS) and Docker with the new Oracle Container Cloud Service (OCCS). Slides are available as usual on slideshare.

Here is a compilation of the event. Enjoy the video!

When flying back from Gold Coast I had the most amazing view ever on Sydney Harbour, the Opera House etc. A video you should not miss out!


  1. […] trying out tools, and hacking went into the preparation of this training course. Even during the OTN APAC tour I took some days off and worked from my Bangkok home office to prepare for the DOAG trainings […]

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