ReadyApp Framework for WebLogic: Good fit for Kubernetes

Oracle and CNCF

Oracle joined the CNCF in 2017. So it doesn’t come as a big surprise that at least since Open World 2017 you can observe the overall trend towards cloud native applications in the Oracle application space. The move towards integration Oracle Fusion Middleware and Kubernetes is for sure an important part of this movement.

WebLogic / Deployments and ReadyApp Framework

There is ongoing work to make WebLogic ready for Kubernetes. I will write about some more details later this year, however an interesting step is the ReadyApp Framework for WebLogic.

The ReadyApp framework helps load balancers to detect server readiness by providing a reliable health-check URL. Also EAR-based or WAR-based application can register with the framework by adding a single line to the application’s WebLogic deployment descriptor.

WebLogic and Kubernetes Readiness Probe

When running WebLogic on K8s the ReadyApp Framework feature becomes useful e.g. if you integrate it with the Kubernetes Readiness Probe. This way K8s will able to know that WebLogic and its applications is indeed functional (and not only that the Docker container was started).

ReadyApp Framework and JCS

If your use case isn’t WebLogic on K8s, obviously ReadyApp Framework makes sense as well. It can be used with JCS or on-premises.

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