How I passed the Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam, May 2020 (Mindmap)

I passed the GCE associate exam a fortnight ago. Actually I enjoyed preparing for it! To do so, I browsed the courses on Coursera and Linuxacademy but at the end I learned most by sitting in the sun at Englischer Garten and speed reading the Google book. Yes, I like (real) books 🙂

Frank Munz, GCP certified

While going through the book I created my own notes. In the exam you will be asked about CLI commands, so I compiled a mind map with the most essential and common commands.

I compiled this mindmap rather quickly, so let me know if you spot any typos and I will fix them. It’s not meant to be complete (check the docs for gsutils and gcloud CLI).

Altogether it was challenging but not too difficult for someone with just a bit of working knowledge of Google cloud like me (I am a tech evangelist for Amazon Web Services).

Fun fact: I am quite good with containers and K8s, but the question that made me sweat the most was about pod isolation in GKE. I am not going to spoiler the question or the answer (you didn’t come here for a GCP certification brain dump, did you?), but please make sure to read about containerd images and Gvisor on GKE.

Englischer Garten, (c) image Frank Munz