WebLogic 12c Architecture, Development and Operation Training Course

Based on real world projects, teaching experience with Oracle University and many successful training deliveries for the world’s top 50 companies I am offering a WebLogic 12c (12.2.1) Architecture, Development and Operation training courseContact me for more details.


This course is based on 15 years hands-on experience of the instructor in architecture, development and operation of large scale WebLogic server middleware environments. The most important product features are explained and critically analyzed regarding their usefulness for an enterprise.

The class starts with WebLogic 12c basics and further explains the installation and how domains with servers are created, started, monitored and automatically restarted. The course highlights the effective usage of the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST). Configuration of the key parameters are covered for the administration of JDBC (including distributed transactions and Oracle RAC) and JMS (including JMS bridges and store-and-forward agents). This course further trains the attendees how to use access control and encryption for the protection of both server and applications.

Features like zero downtime patching, production redeployment deployment, deployment plans,  administration of web service deployments, RESTful management, and multi tenancy with domain partitions and resource configuration management are discussed and reinforced with hands-on lab sessions. After an introduction to the WebLogic Diagnostic Framework with the new smart rules, an elastic cluster will be installed which is then used to demonstrate load balancing and failover for applications as well as distributed JMS destinations, multi data sources and zero downtime upgrades.

Half of this course is structured around presentations and discussions. The second half consists of hands-on exercises.


Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of WebLogic 12c architecture, features, and operation. Having attended this course, participants will be able to design and set up WebLogic domains and to configure all core features of WebLogic 12c. Participants will be able to deploy and monitor applications, and install and troubleshoot a highly available environment and apply patches with zero downtime.

Never Leave a Course with Empty Hands!

Every participants receives a printed copy of the presentations, a printed copy the lab guide,  a VirtualBox environment that can be started anytime later with a double-click, all deployments, tools, and scripts may be taken home. We always use the latest software version. Attendees receive a printed certificate of attendance. Compare this package with any other training offer.

Course Duration

Five days


Beginner to Intermediate


  1. Basics / Architecture
  2. Install / Patch
  3. Domains
  4. Node Manager
  5. Network Channels
  6. JMX
  7. JNDI
  8. Deployment
  9. JDBC
  10. JMS
  11. Multi Tenancy
  12. WLDF
  13. Clustering
  14. LB / Failover
  15. Server Availability  / Service Migration
  16. Domain Upgrade
  17. ZDT Patching / Upgrades / Deploy
  18. Coherence
  19. JVM Tuning
  20. Docker and WebLogic


Beginner / Intermediate licensed Oracle customer

Course Flyer
Download the Oracle WebLogic Server 12c (12.2.1) administration course flyerpdf_icon

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