WebLogic 12c Monitoring, Sizing and Performance Tuning Training

This WebLogic 12c Advanced Administration course is designed for an advanced audience. Covering Weblogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF), sizing and tuning and introducing plenty of useful tools. Download the WebLogic 12c course flyer as PDF.

Topics covered are derived from real world customer issues:


  • What is new in WLS12c?
  • JMX Monitoring and Tools, RESTful Monitoring
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Diagnostic Framework Overview
  • Collected Metrics
  • Watches and Notifications, WebLogic Sending you emails
  • Diagnostic Images / Archives
  • Instrumentation

Perfomance Tuning:

  • Tuning for the merged Sun and Jrockit JDK
  • Memory leaks and tools to fix them
  • WLS Workmanager, stuck threads and overload protection
  • JDBC and Transactions
  • JMS
  • EJBs
  • Clustering