WebLogic 12c Proxy Plugin for Web Servers is missing (kinda solved)

According to the documentation for the brand new WebLogic 12c the WLS mod_wl proxy plugin for web servers should be located under the following location:


and this is where the trouble starts:

  • This directory does not exists for WebLogic 12c.
  • You can download the plugins seperately from here. Yet there is no version for WebLogic 12c either.
  • You must not simply use an lower plugin version (e.g. the one that comes with WebLogic 11g) because lower versions of the plugin e.g. 10.3.5 are not guaranteed to work (only higher versions). Now, this is between you me: yes they do work typically.  Yet I remember at least one situation when I spent over a day debugging an issue because an older plugin version was used. I am pretty sure you can imagine serveral way to spend your time better.
  • The behavior for the Apache mod_wl 10.x plugins is known to be rather strange after a a managed server drops out of the dynamic server list (clustered or not).


Here are some possible solutions:

I briefly checked the 10.3.5 plugin for Apache 2.2 with a WebLogic 12c cluster and it seems to work okay so far. Actually even the glitch with the failing load balancing after a server drops out of a cluster has improved. Probably that’s the best solution currently, but remember it’s at your own risk.

Follow up with my OTN thread and some valuable input from René and Sandeep.

For a more critical production environment I recommend to open a support ticket with Oracle. If you do so, please post an update here and share your findings.


So how are you using WebLogic 12 in production? If you do, how is your clustering set up?


UPDATE  / Jan 2013:

Thanks to input from my friend Rene I am aware now that Oracle officially recommends to use the latest 10.3.x plugin even for WebLogic 12c. Still it is causing a lot of confusion and the WLS 12.1.1 documentation is wrongly stating that the plugin is part of the WebLogic distribution.


Select “Generally Available System Configurations”:





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