WebLogic Startup Customization: setUserOverrides.sh

Many people modify the setDomainEnv.sh file that specifies the core settings for a WebLogic domain, e.g. for adding debug or monitoring ports or additional switches for the JVM:


I confess, I do the same for quick and dirty hacks, yet changes here will be overwritten during a domain upgrade. It’s much better to put such changes into the following config file:


Your changes will remain even when updating a domain, also they will be respected by pack/unpack. Check out the official Oracle documentation.


  1. Hi Frank,

    I confess I only came across this nice feature the other day. Discovered your blog as I was exploring the extent to which it is common knowledge.

    Just to avoid confusion, although you have implicit from your tags and doc link, “setUserOverrides” was introduced in 12.1.2. To the best of my knowledge, it will not work in WLS 10.3.x and earlier.


    • Hi Dan,

      thanks for your comment!
      Good to know since when exactly it exist.

      keep posting comments if you detect sth.

      kind regards,


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