Keynote: Culture of Innovation at Amazon

Coming week I will give the keynote at the TechCamp conference 2019 in Hamburg.

Topic of the first evening keynote is “Culture of Innovation at Amazon“.

Istio & Envoy: Is a Service Mesh the New Service Bus?

Check out the details about my presentation at CODE One in San Francisco.

Frank Munz: Istio & Envoy from Service Bus to Service Mesh ?

… read the full story on my new medium account. Or just watch the video of the “Istio and Envoy on Amazon EKS” presentation.

Frank Munz: Istio & Envoy from Service Bus to Service Mesh ?

New Episode.

It’s a bit late I understand, also I guess most of you read it on LinkedIn or Twitter already. I accepted a job offer and work as Senior Technical Evangelist for AWS now. So more cloudy things, yeiii. 

This is a great time to check out my speakerdeck account.

Now Certified AWS Developer, SysOps, and Solutions Architect Associate 2018

April was a good month. Now I completed all three Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS) associate certifications AWS Certified Solution Architect, AWS Certified Developer (2018), AWS Certified SysOPS Associate (2018).


A quick reminder about how to install json-server, that I use in many microservices workshops to quickly expose a REST API:

sudo yum install epel-release 
sudo yum install nodejs 
sudo yum install npm 
sudo npm install -g json-server