Apache Kafka on AWS

I recently collected some resources about running Apache Kafka on AWS (with or without using Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka) after recording a webcast about it.

You can find the Medium article here with all the links and ressources.

If you are only interested in the slidedeck, it’s on speakerdeck:

KubeCon 2019 Barcelona: Service Mesh Presentation (AWS AppMesh

Earlier this year in May, I presented at KubeConf 2019 in Barcelona about what is Service Mesh and how AWS does Service Mesh to almost 600 attendees. It was the best rated presentation at the AWS Container day (4.4 of 5.0).

For more resources regarding Istio and Envoy on Amazon EKS, have a look at this article that I created earlier before App Mesh was released.

Serverless Days Zurich: 2019 Update – Serverless Beyond Lambda

This Thursday I will present a new topic at Serverless Days Conference 2019 in Zürich. Once done, I will publish a link to the slides here.

2019 Update: Serverless Beyond Lambda


Keynote: Culture of Innovation at Amazon


Coming week I will give the keynote at the TechCamp conference 2019 in Hamburg.

Topic of the first evening keynote is “Culture of Innovation at Amazon“.

Istio & Envoy: Is a Service Mesh the New Service Bus?

Check out the details about my presentation at CODE One in San Francisco.

Frank Munz: Istio & Envoy from Service Bus to Service Mesh ?

… read the full story on my new medium account. Or just watch the video of the “Istio and Envoy on Amazon EKS” presentation.

Frank Munz: Istio & Envoy from Service Bus to Service Mesh ?