Oracle Coherence with WebLogic 12c

Collecting material for the next edition of my WebLogic 12c book I began writing a primer about Oracle Coherence from a WebLogic perspective. Coherence is part of the WebLogic Suite and you can start using it right away.

Many WebLogic professionals still consider Coherence as something complicated and challenging to get started with, so I made a number of hands-on Coherence primer screencasts available – also more blog postings with best practices will follow.

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Basic Introduction

Coherence is a coherent data grid that provides a number of different cache implementations, which are well described here. The following figure illustrates how data A. B, C is stored into different nodes with the same put(key, value) method.

coh_cache impl

Oracle Coherence Basics, Multicast Test and Firewall Issues

Oracle Coherence Command Line, Replication and Availability



Development with NetBeans Introduction

Oracle Coherence NetBeans API and NamedCache



Coherence ActiveCache with WebLogic

Coherence ActiveCache can be used to offload session data from WebLogic into Coherence cache nodes. These cache nodes can be managed with WebLogic Nodemanager. A detailed explanation can be found here.



Oracle Coherence ActiveCache for WebLogic 12c configuration


Oracle Coherence ActiveCache Demo for WebLogic 12c