Apache Kafka on AWS

I recently collected some resources about running Apache Kafka on AWS (with or without using Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka) after recording a webcast about it.

You can find the Medium article here with all the links and ressources.

If you are only interested in the slide set about Apache Kafka on AWS, it’s on speakerdeck:

Using Apache Derby Database with WebLogic (the express way)

this is more a note to myself, because I keep forgetting the details and then I get angry about myself when I am in a hurry 😉

If you quickly require a database with WebLogic 12.1.1 (or some other version 10.3.3 or later, because since then WLS comes with Derby) and some content (e.g. to try some monitoring tool or a WLST script or something), do the following:

– make sure you have the WebLogic samples and the sample DB installed.

– create a new domain.

– in the domain’s setDomainEnv.sh under DOMAIN_HOME/bin
change the DERBY_FLAG from false to true.

– start the Admin server which will start the Derby database as well.

– Create a data source using the following values:

 DBName: medrec
 Host: localhost
 Port: 1527
 Username: medrec
 Password: medrec

– Test the connection pool after creating it. It should work right away.




more details, recipes and discussions …