Using Apache Derby Database with WebLogic (the express way)

this is more a note to myself, because I keep forgetting the details and then I get angry about myself when I am in a hurry 😉

If you quickly require a database with WebLogic 12.1.1 (or some other version 10.3.3 or later, because since then WLS comes with Derby) and some content (e.g. to try some monitoring tool or a WLST script or something), do the following:

– make sure you have the WebLogic samples and the sample DB installed.

– create a new domain.

– in the domain’s under DOMAIN_HOME/bin
change the DERBY_FLAG from false to true.

– start the Admin server which will start the Derby database as well.

– Create a data source using the following values:

 DBName: medrec
 Host: localhost
 Port: 1527
 Username: medrec
 Password: medrec

– Test the connection pool after creating it. It should work right away.




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