Overambitious API Gateways

Did you know? Thoughtworks put “overambitious” API gateways on HOLD in their tech radar. What does it mean? Should we all stop using API gateways? Was it a trend that is over now?

Remember ESBs?

Actually, no, not at all. I had a discussion with a Thoughtworker and he explained “It’s a bit like the situation we had with ESBs. They were just too heavy, blown out of proportion, and often used in the wrong places”. I guess most of us working in the SOA space will agree. Some of us have seen ESBs doing file transfer, master data replication and event streaming (sometimes even at the same time).

Proper API Gateways

Let’s put it the other way around. Use an API Gateway if you require a stable API as a frontend to your clients with a high-throughput entry point to a possibly serverless / FaaS architecture (let me assume you are trendy). Let’s not forget traffic management, version management of APIs, and monitoring.

Actually – if you look closely – an API Gateway product is even on the tech radar under platforms and rated as “access”.

Anyway, I must admit that I like the term. Overambitious API Gateway. I actually consider getting some crisps and a beer, lean back and wait to see overambitious microservices, overambitious FaaS, and certainly overambitious DevOps popping up. And of course no need to mention overambitious IOT, now that Mark made it into the Guardian with his Kettle.


Oracle Service Bus 12.2.1 Training Course

I provided an open enrollment, hands-on training for a dozen SOA architects. Another successful Oracle Features and Showstoppers training course.
This time we covered Oracle Service Bus 12.2.1, including all the new and cool features such as dynamic domain value maps, JDeveloper 12.2.1, pipeline templates, dynamic validation, end-to-end REST, JSON payloads, the new XQuery mapper with XQuery modules, clustering, Oracle Fusion Middleware Control, and much much more.

thanks to everyone who attended!

osb12c kurs