Oracle SOA Suite for the Busy IT Professional

SOA Suite

Oracle SOA Suite is certainly the most comprehensive and also the most complex product of the classical WLS / OSB / SOA Suite stack. There are plenty of tools and other products tightly interwoven with SOA Suite:
It all starts with the installation where a supported database is required for the meta data repository. The necessary schema are created with the separate repository creation utility (RCU).  Testing processes is done from Oracle Enterprise Manager. Finally developing BPEL processes requires JDeveloper as an IDE.

That’s it to get started yet more complex projects often involve a Oracle Web Service Manager, and sometimes a repository and a registry.

Oracle SOA Suite Introduction


The recipe below is part III of a series of introduction recipes covering Oracle Fusion Middleware. It’s reduced to the max and as buzzword free as it gets. It certainly doesn’t replace an in-depth training though.


… better read this first

For a better understanding make sure to read part I and II first:

Part I: Basic SOA Principles (not really related to OFM) and Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) Introduction

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Part III: this document


Download the Oracle SOA Suite Introduction Recipe

You can download the SOA Suite recipe as a PDF file from here. Enjoy!



This recipe is straight out of my book WebLogic Server 12c: Distinctive Recipes